Provisional license Application

NOTE: For all of your license applications and booking of tests, always use the official website. Beware of online booking companies who charge high fees if you go through them. All links on the RoadSkills website for license applications, booking of tests, practicing the Theory Test, Stopping Distance Game and Road Sign Game, are linked directly to the official government site, and there is NO charge from us.

You can apply for your provisional license 3 months prior to your 17th birthday, by logging on to the website and completing the DVSA online application form.

When applying online you’ll be asked to provide your 9 digit passport number allowing the DVSA to confirm your identity electronically. If this isn’t possible, or you don’t want to use the photo on your passport you will need to send a photo by post; once you have completed your online application the DVSA will post your application completion form to you for you to return with your photo.

When applying online, payment is made using a credit or debit card so have this ready before you start your application.

Alternatively you can make a postal application to the DVSA on a D1 form available from your local post office.  After completing the D1 form you will need to write your nine digit passport number and your signature in the ‘confirming your identity’ section of the D1 form. If you hold a digital passport (the photo and signature appear on the same page) the DVSA can confirm your identity directly with the Identity and Passport Service. If you don’t have a digital passport the DVSA also accepts other documentation as confirmation of your identity (these are listed and explained on website), but you will need to send your original identity documentation with your application.

Your postal application can be sent to the DVSA Swansea SA99 1AD along with;

• Your original identity documentation (if required)
• A passport sized colour photograph
• The application fee

You can expect to receive your license normally within two weeks.