Refresher Course

What are the benefits of a refresher course? Nearly all drivers develop bad habits after a period of time, or simply forget how to drive correctly and safely! There is much more traffic on the roads compared with just a few years ago and new rules have been added to the Highway Code.

  • A refresher course will help you become a better, safer, and more confident driver.
  • Re-learning safe driving principles reduces the risk to yourself, your passengers and to other road users. It is an effective and easy way to update your driving skills and get impartial advice from a professional driving instructor.
  • Driving can be an intimidating experience for some individuals, making the journey a rather stressful chore. Increased confidence and enjoyment behind the wheel will make driving a more rewarding experience.

Who are the courses designed for?

Do you feel anxious or nervous about driving, or maybe you haven’t driven for a long time? Reasons may also be worries or fear of night driving or busy town driving, parking difficulties, etc. Anyone in fact that may just need a little help with something that is proving a problem.

How many lessons will I need ?

All refresher courses are designed on an individual basis, It depends entirely on you. The first lesson can be an initial assessment after which it can be determined how many lessons may be suitable. There is no pressure on you at any stage to take more lessons than you want or need.

Refresher lesson: £30

Saving Money!