How to save money

• Study in between lessons. Students who do so usually find lessons easier, get more out of their lessons and require fewer hours of tuition. Your RoadSkills Instructor will provide you with specially prepared and illustrated handouts to help you.

• After each lesson mentally practice at home what your have been taught. You will find that you will retain the information better and this will maximise the time spent with your instructor. By putting the effort into studying between lessons you will understand your lessons better and progress quicker.

• Take 2 hr lessons. This is a very effective way to learn. Students who do so usually progress quicker to test standard and require less hours of tuition in total.

• If you have a willing relative or friend over 21 who has had a full license for at least 3 years, a suitable car and the correct insurance to allow you to drive, get some practice!

• Block book lessons. This offers a great savings! *

• Recommend friends and receive FREE lessons! There is no limit to how many friends you can recommend, and you will receive a free lesson for each one! (See “Lesson Cost”).

NHS Staff Discounts available.

How many lessons will I need?

Everyone has different abilities when learning new skills. Learning to drive is no different!

It’s important not to attempt the Practical Driving Test until both you and your instructor feel that your level of driving has reached test standard.

Official DVSA statistics say that students who pass the driving test have on average 47 lessons by a professional instructor.

One comment often heard is “My dad passed his test first time after only 10 lessons”. The Driving Test is more difficult than it was a few years ago… there are more cars on the roads, traffic congestion and additional rules, and the test has evolved accordingly. Most drivers who passed their test 20 years ago would find it much more difficult to do so today!

The most important thing is to take the time you need to feel confident, and that you have the right skills and knowledge to be safe behind the wheel of a car.

Learn with confidence… drive safe for life!